​​​​La Jaula del Gallo (The Rooster's Cage) 

7min HD filmed in Peru -  Nominated for Best Short at Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

Semi-finalist Buenos Aires  International Film Festival 2020

To watch on Vimeo, please, click on the title above and use password: gallo

Short comedy starring Gabriella Rhodeen & Pritesh Shah - 5min HD. 

​​​​WHERE LIES BEAUTY - 90min, art documentary, USA. 

Commissioned work by the Mattatuck Museum Art and History Center, Harford, CT

Silk String Pictures 

Still Center, 35mm, 15min. Romania/USA - live action&animation Acquired by and aired on Independent Film Channel 2008-2011.
The Empty Moring, 15min HD drama Exec.Prod Reno Wilson
Square Space HD 5min, comedy

Shit - urban angst, a touch of Noir and plenty of magic realism. 4min

Starring Jenny Geer & Sam Breen 

Shift - HD, 4min, noir comic fantasy

The Lamentations of Christ   

15min HD, in post production

Logline: She knows him better than he knows himself: to get him turned on all she needs is to make him watch bad news. 

To watch click the title here above and type Password LOC02


Premiered at Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2014.  

A film supported by Yale University, Yale University Film Studies Department 

and the International Festival of Arts and Ideas, New Haven, CT