completed feature screenplay 

90 min USA/Romania/Rep of Moldova



One of the four fiction projects selected for the Accelerator Program at South Eastern European Film Festival (SEEfest) April 2016 

An American woman jailed for icon painting forgery in Eastern Europe is compelled to join two local women in a zany prison escape.

While exploring Eastern Europe, a happy-go-lucky American painter, ROBERTA, is accused of forging religious paintings and lands in a Moldavian jail.  While waiting for her trial she shares a cell with two Romanians: TANIA, a cynical mechanic who works at a local textile factory, and LILIANA, a young prostitute who dreams of being self-employed.  Tania was in the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up the scapegoat in an unsolved theft of a truck full of bikinis destined for the Western market.  She is for the moment relieved to be in jail avoiding her live-in slacker boyfriend.  Liliana, however, is vacillating between desperation and romantic delusions of fleeing abroad and finding her prince charming.  Liliana has been falsely accused—after unwittingly take the hit for her pimp—of the most serious charge, the possession of a large quantity of marijuana.  Their three worlds collide inside their small jail cell.  At the border with the former Soviet Union, rules apply differently, and the future has no shape.  As in any tale, when the hero is daring, help arrives along the way; finding a way out can begin with a simple crack in the wall.  Roberta’s roguish ways, Tania’s skepticism and Liliana’s gullibility blend in an unexpected way and when the opportunity arises, the three take a leap to freedom.

Brazen Escape is an homage to Down by Law (1986);

we are also very grateful to the generous encouragement of director Jim Jarmusch for our project. 

USA/Romania/Republic of Moldova

90min, fiction

Status: early development.

Written by Carina Rosanna Tautu & Marc Olshevski

Director: Carina Rosanna Tautu

Producer: Cara Marcous (On The Ice, 2011 - Crystal Bear at Berlin FF 2011, FIPRESCI Best New American Film 2011)

Music by and Composer: Anatol Stefanet/Trigon Jazz

Silk String Pictures 


USA/Burkina Faso (possible South Africa)

One of the 10 Berlinale Talents 2013 Short Film Station selected projects. 

Short screenplay completed (12min) . Feature version treatment.(120min)

Real Men of Tango

TV documentary series in development about Masculinity and Argentine Tango 

Log line: men are as caught in the patriarchy as women are.

Real Men of Tango is an exploration of how can we "restore embrace" between men and women, 

as well as a search for balanced civil dialogue and polemics, through the metaphor of Argentine Tango. 

To watch a 13 min study of characters and atmopshere on Vimeo click here: REAL MEN OF TANGO. Password: men2018 

(shooting locations - Mexico City, Bucharest, Romania; prospective shooting locations - Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Singapore, Berlin)


Selected as of the three feature scripts finalists for the International Competition at

New Renaissance Film Festival (2020) in Amsterdam.

Supported by a generous private grant by Radius Foundation in New York.  

Log Line: Born from a fake prophecy, Yololti shakes her one thousand year old exclusively patriarchal leadership by being a girl chosen to lead. As she fulfills the prophecy and stops the custom of human sacrifices, we can only left to wonder the difference between the will of men and the will of the gods.

This is a fantasy script, inspired by the research we have regarding the Chavin civilization in Peru and Zamolxis cult in the Carpathian mountains area (Romania).